”State-of-the-Art Poultry” DISCOVER NOW Valuable & Affordable poultry products Promoting Indigenous, Fresh, DISCOVER NOW To minimize any hazardous impact on the environment. Fully automated and Self-servicing operations DISCOVER NOW

A state-of-the-Art poultry city relying on modern Poultry farming technologies, delivering results through innovation.

Izzy Poultry City is a campus-style farm, Private Limited Liability Company facilitating end-to-end poultry farming, focusing on egg and meat production.
We run fully automated systems, making us highly efficient and enabling us to respond to consumer needs quickly and smoothly.

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The healthiest and safest eggs in the country!

Our state-of-the-art poultry city relying on modern poultry farming technologies enables us to deliver the finest produce of brown and white eggs.

Brown Eggs

White Eggs

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Poultry Farm Services

Conveniently customize proactive web services for leveraged interfaces without Globally

Egg Production

We revolutionize egg farming production and processes to offer nutritious eggs.

Poultry Feed

Our poultry feed offers the ideal blend of the required nutrients for all the bird stages.

Day-Old Chicks

Our chicks are hatched in a safe environment from our international standard hatchery unit.


We have flavorful meat and great texture broiler chicken during Festivities and holiday seasons.

Hatchery & Incubation

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Poultry Farm Gallery

Take a sneak peek! Our gallery reveals our quality and clean processes

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We specialize in incubation that perfectly controls the process with uniform airflow, temperature, and humidity levels for a high-quality and optimal hatch.


We draw up, install, and operate a modern, worry-free hatchery with extensive experience in each stage of the hatchery’s lifestyle.

Jason Roy


Alexander Nkansah

Founder & Ceo

Alisha Kabir


Jeson Smith